Volume 2, Issue 1

Download v.2 (1), pp.1-122.

Table of Contents

Contributing Authors


Consuming Candomblé: The Baiana and the Navigation of Ethnic Identity in a ‘Racial Democracy’

Katie Hurd

A Multi-species Ethnography of Nature and Time: Human’s Longstanding Relationship with Moss in the Japanese Temple Garden

Natasha Hoare


More-than Maps: The Loss of Place in Landscape Representation

 Josie Jolley

British Neoliberal Governmentality as a Form of Structural Violence Against the ‘Fat Individual’

Nadia Goldsmith

International Development 

What Factors Enabled a More Successful Democratisation in Tunisia than in the Rest of  MENA after the Arab Revolts?

 Benjamin Preclik

A Critical Discussion of Africa: A Voyage of Discovery – Episode 7 – The Rise of Nationalism in Relation to Academic Debates Over Nationalism in the African Context

 James Halnan

International Relations 

Anarchy, Sovereignty and Realism: The Significance of Trotsky’s Theory of Uneven and Combined Development for International Relations

 Cameron Rogers

Revisiting the Sex War: How Visual Politics in Sexual Imagery Offers Subversive Strategy in the Sex and Pornography Debate

 Yi-Hui Lin

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