Contributing Authors


Katie Hurd is a BA Anthropology graduate from the University of Sussex with an Erasmus abroad at Copenhagen University. Katie finished her degree with First Class honours alongside the David Pocock Award for the student with the highest dissertation grade in her year. She hopes to continue her interests in Medical and Visual Anthropology either professionally or academically in the foreseeable future.

Natasha Hoare recently graduated from the University of Sussex with a First Class in BA Anthropology. Having studied for a year at Doshisha University in Kyoto, much of Natasha’s undergraduate research focused on Japanese aesthetics and social issues, ranging from food and gender to corporate business practises. She is also interested in sustainable development, and after spending the summer volunteering on a permaculture farm in Okayama, Natasha has relocated to Lancaster to begin a Master’s of Research in Environmental Science. She is working with the not-for-profit organisation Energy 4 All, who develop and co-ordinate small-scale energy co-operatives across the country. Natasha will be researching the potential for these groups to instigate bottom-up socio-ecological change. After completion, she would like to return to Japan for a longer period and try to utilise her cross-disciplinary skills in social and environmental science.


Josie Jolley graduated from Sussex with First class honours in BA Geography with a study abroad year in Hong Kong, and won the inaugural Dr MacQuitty Prize for the Arts and Humanities, Geography Thesis Prize, and the Best Overall Performance Prize. She is now undertaking a fully-funded ESRC 1+3 PhD at Sussex, exploring the concept of the ‘homeless city’ through a walking-with based ethnography. In bringing the embodied performances of homeless dwelling and their spatial contexts to the fore, she seeks to disrupt the dominant and homogeneous discourse portraying both a singular homeless city and subject.

Nadia Goldsmith finished her undergraduate degree at the University of Sussex with a First-Class Honors in Geography with Spanish. As a geography graduate Nadia is passionate about culture, people and places and their relationship with each other. As a near fluent speak of the Spanish language, Nadia is interested in how communication can bridge the geographies of conflict and act as an effective channel of negotiation. Her personal interests orientate around the everyday structural violence that the fat individual faces in neoliberal Britain today. Moving forward, this is an avenue of research within the social sciences she is extremely interested in and would like to explore further.

International Development

Benjamin Preclik joined the Holocaust and Anti-Racism Department of the London Jewish Cultural Centre in 2013 as part of a program that sends young engaged Austrian to various international organisation to uphold the memory of the Holocaust and fight against anti-Semitism. The work motivated Benjamin to learn more about the principles of peace-building, humanitarianism and other global developmental issues. Following a year in London, Benjamin enrolled to study a joint honour bachelor’s in International Relations and Development at the University of Sussex. Following the completion of my bachelor, in which I became particularly interested in the growing role of the private sector in development, I was given the opportunity to further explore this issue at the Institute of Development Studies through the MA Globalisation, Business and Development.

James Halnan is currently working as a Learning Support Assistant in a secondary school in South London. This entails working with students with special needs, in class and in one to one sessions. James studies International Development at Sussex and graduated with a 2.1. Studying ID allowed James to pursue his interests in the historical aspects of international development and, in particular, develop areas of research interest around nationalism in post-colonial contexts and decolonial theory.

International Relations

Cameron Rogers recently graduated with an MA in Migration and Global Development from the University of Sussex. During his undergraduate degree – at the same institution – his research focused on theories of International Relations, notably Dependency Theory and Uneven and Combined Development. In particular, his research focuses on agroecological social movements, internal migration and neoliberalism in Latin America.

Yi-Hui Lin recently graduated with a First Class honours in BA International Relations and Sociology. She was a Junior Research Associate at the University of Sussex. She is continuing her studies at the University of Utrecht, taking MSc Public Administration and Organizational Science. Her research interest is in poststructuralism, everyday life, and gender theory.




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